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Boundaries and Area How to reach Etawah

Trade routes and highway

Mode of Conveyance


Travel facilities

Boundaries and Area

The district of Etawah lies in the southwestern portion of Uttar Pradesh 26° 47" north latitude and 72° 20" east longitude and forms a part of the Kanpur Division. In shape it is a parallelogram with a length from north to south 70 Km. and East to west 66 Km. on one side and 24 Km. on the other side. It is bounded on the north by the districts of Farrukhabad and Mainpuri, while the small extent of western border adjoins tahsil Bah of the Agra district. The eastern frontier marches with the district of Auraiya, and along the south lie Jalaun and the district of Gwalior, the division line being, except for a short distance, the Chambal and Yamuna rivers. The total area in 1999 is calculated to be 2434 Km.

Click here to view the geographical map of Etawah in 2000 A.D.


How to reach Etawah

The town of  Etawah is centrally located having links to adjoining districts viz. Gawlior, Agra, Farrukhabad, Mainpuri, Kanpur and Jalaun. The city is well  connected by road as well as  by rail. It is situated at a distance of 120 km from Agra, 165 km from Kanpur, 60km from Mainpuri and 125 km from Gwalior by road. It takes around two hour journey by train from Kanpur to Etawah.

Trade routes and highways

The old imperial highway existing from the times of Mauriyas traverse the district connecting the trade routes of Punjab, Delhi,  Agra in the north-west with Allahabad and Bengal. It was the main line of Transportation prior to Railways before 1862.  In 1876 , the metalled roads consisted of Etawah-Farrukhabad Road, Etawah-Gwalior road, Etawah-Mainpuri road, other roads were Phaphund railway station to Bela, Usrahar to Sandaus, Bidhuna to Achhalda, Etawah to Kalpi and Etawah to Jaswant Nagar. Now, a  network of roads running in every direction is contemplated by the authorities.

Important road links in Etawah district

Roads Length (in Kms)
Etawah to Gwalior  115
Etawah to Kalpi    115
Etawah to Mainpuri    60
Etawah to Kachauraghat   24
Etawah to Bidhuna  52
Etawah to Kanpur 165
Etawah to Agra 120
Etawah to Farrukabad


Etawah to Auriya 63
Etawah to Bateshwar 65
Etawah to Charaknagar 35
Etawah to Kannauj 100

Planned development of means of transportation and the construction of new roads are  undertaken by the public works department. In January 1999 the length of total metalled roads was 1279 Km.

Highways Passing through Etawah District.

Highway Length in district (in Km)
Agra-Etawah-Kanpur 90
Bareli-Etawah 30.80
Dibiyapur-Bela 27.21
Dibiyapur-Auraiya 20.11
Auraiya-Shergadh 5.06
Etawah-Gwalior 12.50

Table for major metalled local roads in the district maintained by public works department.

Name of Road Length (Km)
Bidhuna-Kishni 33.23
Bharthana-Bidhuna 30.00
Etawah-Mainpuri 23.00
Bakewar-Lakhana-Sandaus 21.20
Bharthana-Asrar or Usrahar 20.00
Wah-Udi 18.53
Bidhuna-Bareilly 15.80
Achhalda-Bidhuna 16.20
Phaphund-Achhalda 13.00
Bakewar-Bharthana 11.00
Etawah-Bharthana 8.00
Muradganj-Phaphund 6.80
Airwa katra-Kudar kot 5.00
Bhikhepur-Juhikha 4.50
Muradganj Road 4.20

Mode of Conveyance

From the earliest times till the coming of railways, the usual means of transport and travel were palanquins, horses, camels, and vehicles drawn by bullocks, buffaloes, horses and camels. The Ekka and gari or bugee appear to have been developed during the Mughal period. With the construction of metalled roads speedy mechanised transport made its appearance. An economical and convenient means of transport, the bicycle is popular both in rural and urban areas. In urban areas the cycle-rickshaw is popular means of conveyance and has replaced ekkas and tongas.

Vehicular Traffic

Motor trucks and buses started operating in the district since the thirties. The following table gives the number of registered vehicles in the district

Kind Of Vehicle Number of Registered 
Two wheelers  27043
Motor Cars 798
Buses 154
Public carriers (Trucks) 168
Public carriers ( LCV) 605


Tractors 7842
Others  249


Bus Service.

Road transport was nationalised on certain routes in the state in 1947.  In1950 a sub-depot was set up at Etawah with a fleet of 20 vehicles which ranon Etawah-Kanpur and Etawah Farrukhabad routes. The U. P. State Transport Corporation constituted in 1972 operates on 17 route, on which 53 buses run daily from Etawah. The district is linked with all the adjoining districts of Kanpur, Jalaun, Farrukhabad, Mainpuri and Agra through these buses. Buses can be reserved for Sight-seeing marriage parties and other type of journeys.

Bus Terminal Etawah


The railways was opened for traffic in 1862 by the East India Railway. In November, 1951 the railways were regrouped and divided into zones. Etawah now lies on the northern railways with head quarters at New Delhi. The Delhi-Howarah mainline of the northern railways enters the district at Balarai  railway station and after traversing 35 Km in the east it reaches Etawah railway station. The railways covers an approximate length of 70 Km in the district. There are 6 railway stations in the district, Sarai Bhupat (8 Km.), Jaswantnagar (16 Km.) and Balrai (26 Km.) to the west and Ekdil (10 Km.), Bharthana (19 Km.) and Samho (28 Km.) to the east of Etawah.

Railway Station, Etawah

Travel facilities

According to Askokan edicts there were rest houses and wells on the high roads. Due to the existence of big sarai on the old imperial road certain places have derived their name from the sarai associated with them such as Sarai Ajitmal, Sarai Bhopat, Sarai Ekdil, Sarai Babupur. Passengers including tourists can reach the district by rail , bus and taxis. Boarding and lodging are available in all urban centres, notably Etawah,Bharthana, Jaswantnagar and Achhalda.

The town of  Etawah is centrally located having links to adjoining districts viz. Farrukhabad, Mainpuri, Kanpur and Jalaun.

The inspection houses, Dak-bunglows and rest houses maintained by different departments of the government were officers of other department public and tourist are also given accommodation , if available, on payment. There are number of Dharamshalas at Etawah, mostly privately managed and they charge nominal rent for providing accommodation. There are a few hotels within the radius of 2 km from the district head quarters, beside equal number of restaurants.

Table of Inspection House , Dak-Bungalows Hotels and Dharamshalas.

Town / Village Name Facilities Available
Etawah Town PWD Inspection House Lodging only
Etawah Town Canal Inspection House Lodging only
Etawah Town Forest Inspection House Lodging only
Etawah Town Zila Parishad Inspection House Lodging only
Bagrehar Canal Inspection House  Lodging only
Jaswant Nagar Canal Inspection House  Lodging only
Kakarpur Canal Inspection House  Lodging only
Hawash PWD Inspection House  Lodging only
Udi Canal Inspection House  Lodging only
Etawah City Station  Kishan Hotel Food and retirement
Etawah City Station  Rajdarbar Food and retirement
Naurangabad Sher-e-Punjab Hotel Food and retirement
Pakki Sari NavPrabhat Hptel Food and retirement